Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekly Review

(One of the many frogs that great me as I water each night.)

It was been a wild week! John flew to Oregon to be with his family during the passing of his grandfather, he returned home to Texas on Wednesday during tornado like weather! Luckily his was one of the few planes which was forced to land! The next day he went to a job fair and had some great interviews! The weekend was a blur of swimming and visiting with grandma Patti who is here visiting. John worked all weekend. then on Monday John has another job fair! The car broke down today so we're also dealing with that!

This week the kids and I played a lot at the pool, visited with friends, and played with Grandma Patti! Drew starts swimming lessons tomorrow and Gabe is just excited to be running around playing all day long. My garden is slipping into Summer and the bull frogs are out in abandon. I've been catching them all spring in the hopes that they would eat all the bugs in my garden!

I've been prepping for an audit the past few weeks, it begins Monday so I've anxious to have them behind me this coming Thursday. I skipped working out the first part of last week, it was hard enough to keep everyone happy, let alone drag the kids to the gym and then feel like working out. I finally made it back on Saturday and am planning to be back in the routine starting tomorrow!

Before John left for Oregon, we spent a day or so looking around the area for some property to buy. We're praying and discussing selling our house and buying an older place with some property. We found one we loved, but alas we discovered that you have to have the cash in hand to get a great deal. So, it motivated us to sell our place and then look! We've been considering a foreclosure or something older that needs a lot of work, since my handy husband can do most anything, its a perfect way to gain equity and get the kids out of the suburbs and someplace (close to our current location) where they can imagine, grow a garden, raise chickens, etc. I think mommy is the most excited about not having a busy road right outside to worry about!

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