Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Quotes

~ Drew and I were talking about the meaning of Easter and I asked him, "So what happens on the third day?" Drew responded, "It snowed!"

Hint: Jesus Washes our sins white as snow...... ~

~ John asked Drew, "How much do you love me?" Drew replied, "To the lamp post and back." ~

~ Tonight while cooking dinner, Drew proudly singing says, "my tummy is full, full of songs for me to sing!" ~

~ Drew commenting on something he did the day before, "Yes, I did that yesteryear!" ~

~ Drew one night before bed, "You know bats are awake all night, that is called..Nockurinal?" ~

~ Tonight I asked, "Drew, do you want me to read you a chapter from Winnie The Pooh?"
Drew's response, "No, that's not our book, our book is Stellaluna." ~
So I read him Stellaluna for the umpteenth time.

~ Grandpa Tractor, "Hi Dudley!"
Drew retorts back, "I'm not Dudley, I'm Drew Williams!" ~

~ Drew's latest epiphany - "Look, Jesus washes our sins white, just like toilet paper!" ~

~ Overheard Drew saying while playing with playdough, "Oh no, that isn't working, I need a napkin." ~

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