Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One of THOSE Days...

Sunday was one of those days where I wondered, "have I lost my mind?" First we arrived to church later than desired, the worship and message were wonderful and it challenged me for another week. I arrived home and tried to get the boys through lunch and then Gabe took his nap. This is when all the chaos started, we left for church team and arrived on time! Drew insisted that he wanted to "run out his energies" by climbing stairs close to the building so as I watched him out of the corner of my eye while I grabbing Gabe out of his seat. I took his hand and into the building we went.... very slowly because Gabe can only walk so fast and is too heavy to carry very far! Our team was great and then I collected the kids and out to our car we went, only to discover that I had left the car door wide open - for 2 hours! What a goof! Some sweet ladies had gone all over the church asking for the owner of the car, but we're in the way back of the building, so I didn't get the message until I arrived at my car. Finally, blaming my ideosity on having two kids we drove home, I was daydreaming and somehow managed to get a little lost! Once home I took the kids right in and put them in bed, then worked on getting ahead for my job Monday morning. John came home a few hours later and asked "why is the garage door open?" Oops, no explanation there either. I'm glad nothing was stollen! The next morning I went to work out, then drove to my usual Starbucks for some Bible reading and discovered my Bible was no where to be found. Then I remembered setting it on the counter after our team the night before.... the church wasn't open at 7:00 am so I had to wait until the afternoon, battle rush hour, found my Bible right where I left it (at least I remembered where it was!) and drove home -- without getting lost. I'm hoping Sunday's troubles are behind me and my brain will function better the rest of the week!

On a new note, Gabe has started telling us "no." Well, actually, he shakes his head in a really cute way insinuating "No." Drew has also been especially cute lately too, today I asked him in he wanted some water to drink for lunch and he replied, "are my insides dirty?" I was a little confused, until I remembered our conversation from the following morning. Drew had asked for juice and I told him that juice was not as healthy as water and that he only was able to have 1 cup of juice each day. He asked.... "Why?"... to which I replied that water is healthy for our bodies, it cleans out the toxins in our body and helps keep us clean inside. Drew then asked, "what are toxins?" I then explained that toxins are bad things that are in our body, the water flushes it out of our body when we go potty, Now every time Drew looks at water he has to remind me that water is healthy and we need it to keep our body clean.

Drew is now fascinated with rocks, he is always asking questions about where they come from, how they got here, what are minerals, how do we clean rocks, why can't we eat rocks, do rocks ever get soft, etc. I'm very tired from all his questions, I also need to brush up on my geology, I must confess that science was my most hated of all subjects, so I didn't pay much attention.

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