Monday, June 1, 2009


Joy and gladness will be found in her,
thanksgiving and the voice of song." ~Isa. 51:3

511. The beginnings of fresh and productive habits (beginning of my third week, its getting tough) – “Forty-five percent of what we do every day is habitual,” posit researchers. “This is, performed almost without thinking in the same location or at the same time each day, usually because of the subtle cues.” I am on a missing to impart good habits into my life. Many would say I am a naturally disciplined person, but I think it is in all of our nature to be a “sl
uggard” as the Bible references throughout Proverbs. I am so grateful for the energy and motivation the Lord has blessed me with so I can change some bad habits and replace them with good ones.

512. Sunrises – with my new habits come the opportunity to watch the sunrise. I haven’t been up that early since kids came into the picture. The sunrises just speak the very nature of God to my soul.

513. Lord, thank you for this new cadence (rhythm that a lot of the spin teachers use, also my new favorite word... that and cacophony!). I finish my days well, I’
ve always prayed to finish my life running strong. Each day that I finish strong is preparing for running the race of life. Lord may I run this race with endurance and finish well.

514. Gabe’s new tooth (5th) finally arrived on his 18 month birthday... finally! The next day his 6th tooth started to push through – complete with runny nose & diaper rash.

515. Quiet mornings with tea and my Bible, thank you Lord that I am able to start my day with You, the day always goes so much better and my focus is on service and not my own agenda.

516. A cool trip to the pool with the kids o
n a lazy Friday. I am so thankful for lifeguards, its much less stress trying to keep an eye on both kids.

517. My awesome camera lens which captures the most sharp and authentic photography, with the right light this lens captured my new favorite picture of Gabe. I can’t stop looking at it and thanking the Lord that his nose wasn’t running and there wasn’t peanut butter on his face – those are rare occurrences in this household.

518. Taking a great friend out for a birthday dinner at a quiet Italian bistro – great company, good conversations and a latte... perfect!

519. Thank you Lord for the courage to share how you’ve been working in my life with a neighbor. I pray that you would use me to water the meek seeds of faith that were planted and that your Love and Grace would shine through into their home.

520. A fellowship with believers at our home, it was so wonderful to host these ladies and share about faith, frugality, and family!

521. A sweet note from my mother in law.

522. Cuddling and rocking my children before bed while delivering prayers and words of affirmation into their hearts.

523. My wonderful husband always bringing
me “flowers” and cleaning up with kitchen. What a blessing he is to us!

524. My ever growing garden, it’s such a peaceful place to sit and meditate on Your promises, poetry, & p

525. I’m so thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning, on those days with I didn’t have the day that I wanted, I’m blessed with another morning to begin again. I do a lot of beginning again!

526. "... Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." ~1Thessalonians 5:18. My memory verse this week – if I ever wonder what God’s will is for me, its right there in 1 Thes. 5:18!

527. Playing with the boys as they run down the street dragging their animals behind. They love imitating th
eir parents which is incredible humbling.

528. Wonderful pre-school teachers who cultivated a love for learning in our little man. We will really miss them!

529. Another summer season, filled with time at the pool, gardening, & trips to the pond. Kitty is very excite
d about the trips to the pond!

530. T
rip to the Zoo on rainy Saturday, quiet, peaceful, & beautiful company. The baby giraffe’s coat pattern was intoxicating!

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