Monday, June 8, 2009

Missing You

John left on Sunday for a brief trip to Portland to be with his family. His grandfather is very sick and his mother is returning home to Oregon after spending almost a year in China. It is so sad because she has been looking forward to coming home to spend time and care for her dad, but no one is sure if his health will make it. It was a rather unexpected trip, so I'm still trying to put my daily plans together. I sure appreciate single parents, its a hard thing knowing that relief isn't coming home to add some flavor to your day. John always lightened up the evening hours with pillow fights, sword fights, and race car play. We all miss Daddy and can't wait to see him Thursday!

Gabe has finally started to use sign language! It seems like we've been working on please forever, he has finally started! The only problem, he will say please for something I wasn't intending on giving him and then its just so darn cute that I'll give it to him anyway. Oh well!

I spent a few hours Sunday while the kids napped sucking up flies with the vacuum! There were 50-100 all over the window ledges of my downstairs. Yuck! I think I collected most of them, but left the vacuum out for round two in case more "hatched" or survived round one.

That is about it for today, please pray for us while Daddy is gone. I had a wonderful routine of getting up early, exercising and reading my bible - but not having John home means I can't work out that early. So, I've moved my working out this week to Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 because the gym has childcare and they offer the class I like. I am excited that getting up so early in the morning makes my body think sleeping in is waking at 6:45-7:00 am! If I'm really quiet the boys won't get up until 8:00 am which will give me an hour of quiet to prepare for the upcoming day.... which is what happened today... thank you Lord for my little gift of time!

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