Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I know its an odd title for a blog post, but I am so excited! After taking some homeopathic nausea medicine for my 100% of the time queasy tummy I am finally perking up. I took the boys out today and we even managed some swimming! My stomach feels much better, still very upset but I have energy and don't fear being stuck without a bathroom. Drew has been running a fever since yesterday and comes in and out of himself as the medicine wears off. Gabe is still running around and doesn't seem to be catching whatever is going around.

I'm so excited that John has tomorrow off and will be home with us! I can't remember the last time he had a whole day to spend at home. He has big plans to get the many boxes I've packed into a storage unit and to get his car fixed for the third time this month. My hero just saved us 500.00 by fixing our water heater which stopped heating about a week ago. He managed to weld some part together and replace some other part and clean out some tubing and tada - I have hot water and it only cost about 50.00! Drew was daddy's big helper too and held the flashlight for two hours while daddy worked on the water heater.

I've noticed that since being pregnant I've felt so terrible that I haven't taken any pictures. I can't believe it! I'll be remedying that tomorrow. Oh there is nothing like feeling better, thanks everyone for all your prayers, today was so much better than the last week!

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