Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blessing # 3 - A Valentines Baby

We've had a lot going on in our home the past few weeks! Our biggest news was finding our that we're expecting baby Williams #3! He/She is due on Valentines Day, though we'll probably end up delivering around Drew's birthday in January. Drew was due February 19th and arrived January 24. I found out while John was in Oregon and surprised him at the airport with our positive pregnancy test. I'm still a little in shock, but very excited! Last week was great I wasn't sick at all and haven't had any morning sickness. Friday I started to have cramping and a bloated feeling. So far I've just been feeling really full and nothing looks appetizing to eat - even sugar! It has been great not craving sugar - in fact I've been detesting it! I've started to get really tired just like with my last two. It should end by the second trimester though. Drew is super excited about another sibling and keeps telling me its going to be a girl - we'll see!

In other news, Drew had swimming lessons all week. He has tanned so much! He still hates putting his head under water but loves swimming in the pool every day. We've been frequenting the gym pool and our community pool all week, so both boys have been getting tons of energy out. Today we had 3 birthday parties! The boys loved them all and will sleep great tonight.

Grandma Patti and John are finishing up tiling the boys bathroom this weekend. The first time John did it in January the board he put down was too soft so all the grout eventually flaked off. John will be so glad with this tiling project is over! We've got a lot of projects to finish up before we put our house on the market July 17th!
Then it is off to a relaxing two week vacation in Oregon!

My audit was finished on Thursday, I'm so glad to be done! It was so much work! I've also been gardening and trying to keep the weeds from coming up in my garden. I'm getting ready to paint our front door black and de-cluttering the house. I think we're renting a storage unit so we can just move all the boxes out of the house, then we can stage it easier.

Well, lots of changes and upheaval in our family, but we're surviving! The boys are going to have a wonderful summer and we're so excited for our big vacation the end of July!

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The Minter's said...

Congratulations!!! We're so excited for you guys!