Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zoo & Rain are Perfect!

We spent Saturday at the Fort Worth Zoo, it rained and drizzled and we Oregonians didn't mind a bit! It was perfect, there weren't any people but the workers and all the animals loved the rain. We saw Elephants singing, monkeys playing tag, and a cute baby giraffe playing with his parents. It was so much fun! We also saw a baby penguin, a baby owl and a baby Alligator. Also note that there aren't people in any of our photographs! My stabilizer had a hard time with all the mist and fog, but I still enjoyed all the fun pictures I took. At one point, I sat down and just captured their wild imaginations at play, they ran from the elephants to the giraffe's and then back again, all the while smiling and giggling about the rain that was getting them all wet.

Drew is in love with baby alligators and has even asked if he could have one. I told him if he found a baby alligator, he could bring it home and ask his daddy if he could keep him. I think I gave him a little too much hope, now all Drew wants to talk about is where his baby alligator will sleep, what it will eat, and of course how much fun it will have swimming in our wading pool!

Gabe loved the Zoo too, he ran everywhere and tuckered himself out! He slept all the way home and then managed to sleep in the driveway for over an hour!

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