Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Fun

Look how we initiated our first week of hot weather! The boys had so much fun swimming and getting all wet. I enjoyed watching the boys laugh and splash and flashed lots of pictures! My grass looks beautiful this year, which is making for great color in my pictures!

Gabe is still teething.... 3 weeks of teething for 1 tooth, that is only 1/2 of the way in.. ugh! Gabe was horrid last night, waking twice and staying awake for over an hour. I even resorted to giving him a bottle and he threw it right out of the crib. The Advil wasn't doing the trick either and John and I were both exhausted by morning - made for a great night!
Drew's latest adult conversation time in the car involves telling me, "full speed ahead Mom" in the car when he wants me to speed up. Today he told me, "Mom, full speed ahead." When I said, the light is red, he retorted, "Oh, well full speed ahead when its green, the cars in front will move out of your way!" Nothing like listening to a back seat driver all the way to the Goodwill.

Our final funny moment happened Wednesday, I walked through the garage in an attempt to leave the house for some early Ad grocery shopping (side note: saved 73% at Kroger Wednesday, used 40 coupons and spent 27.31! I conquered!) I then saw Gabe wearing lipstick.... what? Then I looked again and saw him playing with a cup of wood stain that John had been testing on one of his projects, Yikes! Needless to say, I ran out of the house and left John to clean up our monster mess maker! That was a chore and a half. John said it took him 1 1/2 hours to get him back to a normal color. Gabe still has red highlights in his hair, but I think it looks cute! The trials of living with a master carpenter!
I've been trying to be better at just enjoying the boys and savoring each crazy moment, so a few weeks ago I started to cuddle with Drew before bed, instead of rushing out and finding more things to get done. I turned on a CD that I'd sung to both my boys when they were little. It brought back so many memories! Then I was so convicted because I rocked/nursed Drew before bed until he was almost 1 year old. The rocking continued off and on until he was at least 18 months. Poor Gabe probably only was sung and rocked for 6 months? So, a few days ago I started to rock, cuddle, and sing to Gabe. He squirmed and hated it! I will say, after a few nights he settled in to enjoy the singing and prayers and Mommy's guilt went away too! Now both boys get a little rocking, cuddling, prayer time, and songs before bed. Tonight I was touched when John put Drew to bed, to my suprise John came down and said that Drew was waiting for his rocking time, he wouldn't go to sleep without it. What sweet little men I've been blessed to raise!

We're headed to the Zoo tomorrow, I hope to get lots of wonderful pictures!

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