Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Pre-Schooler

Drew just celebrated his last day of being in FBC Keller's 3 year old program. He loved Tuesday and Thursday's because he was able to play with his little friends - Sky, Malone, & Natalie. Drew also loved his teachers - Mrs. Misty & Mrs. Andrea. His teachers just loved their jobs and took such great care with their children. Every day the children were greeted with hugs and smiles! Drew's favorite days were Pizza days and his teachers informed me that they had to cut Drew off after 4 slices! He was also the sweet tooth junkie of the class and would "sulk" when told he couldn't have a second cupcake. Can you tell we're working on contentment? His teachers often commented on Drew's sensitive spirit, he always wanted to make sure others weren't sad. Also despite his shy nature, he enjoyed singing "worship" songs to his classmates. Drew was their energetic and sometimes spacey little boy who was always on an adventure and off planning something. Teacher Misty often encouraged me with Drew's antics and reminded me on our last day together that "your doing such a great job focusing on the things that really matter - integrity and concern for others." I'm going to miss Drew's teachers as much as he is!

Drew's last day of school was wonderful, his class had a wonderful performance which we will hopefully post soon. Drew was his shy yet excited self performing the hand motions but not really singing. When Nana asked why he wasn't singing he replied, "I ran out of air!" Speaking of Drew's sense of humor, we were husking corn tonight for dinner and Drew exclaimed, "Look, the corn is sleeping in its own sleeping bag, just like me!" So precious!

Drew had such a great year learning about letter and numbers. We also learned about butterflies and concluded the year with a relaxing trip to the Zoo where the kids saw baby alligators and baby penguins up close and personal. Drew desperately wants a baby alligator, but he told me today, "I'd settle for a baby turtle instead?"

(Drew and friend Luke sitting in the beloved chairs)

Drew just loves to learn, he loves discovering and touching and playing. He isn't fond of sitting down and writing his letter or telling mommy his catechism's, but I am amazed that despite his dislike of sit down learning, he is very smart and is always learning new things. We are so proud of all Drew has learned this year and how much he has grown up. He is such a talkative and educated little boy;we're so privileged to raise him to be a godly young man!

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