Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mean Mom

Yes, I am a mean mother. What mother would buy little girl pull-ups for her little boy - strictly because there weren't any little boy pull ups in Drew's size - they were on sale and evidently a popular item. I could have bought him one size up, but they put in 3 less pull ups! So, I did what any mean mother would do, I bought little girl pull-up and hoped Drew wouldn't notice. He only wears them to bed, its not like anyone other than our family would see them!

So, last night when Drew prepared for bed he came running in and exclaimed that there weren't any pull-ups left. I pulled out the little girl package and handed him one. He just looked at me and said, "Mom, these are for girls, see the pink and flowers. I'm not wearing those!" To which this mean mother replied, "When you can sleep all night without wetting your pull-up, then you can wear your manly underwear to bed!" Drew slumped his shoulders, hung his head and mopped into his little girl pull ups. I thought that was the end until after I read him his book, the he said, "Mom, I'm going potty right now so I won't wet my pull-up, then I can wear underwear to bed!"

The story would end perfectly if indeed Drew woke dry, but alas that is not how this story goes!

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