Monday, May 11, 2009


Life seems to be running faster than I can sprint! The month of April seemed like a blink, here we are already into May! This week we spent some time playing at home. Drew and I added more things to our "Williams Grocery store" and Gabe was content to follow us around whining because his tooth hurts. Gabe is getting his top right tooth and it has been coming in for over 2 weeks now. The diaper rashes, runny nose, and whining are getting old. I can't wait for Gabe to be his happy go lucky self. One nice thing is he has been cuddly, which is always a treat!

We had a wonderful time camping a few weeks ago, the weather was so beautiful and with all the children it made for a relaxing time of visiting and reading! John even took a nap! Drew enjoyed his first and second s'more and enjoyed roasting his own hot dog on the campfire. Drew was so disappointed when we left Sunday afternoon, he made friends with my M2M friend's little son Josh. Drew and Josh were inseparable! Drew woke Saturday morning hearing Josh talking and yelled, "Josh, wait, I'm getting dressed and I'll be right out to play, wait for me!" Gabe enjoyed sleeping in the van with the dog while listening to his sound machine. I enjoyed the fact that our air mattress worked like a charm and I didn't get a stiff neck from sleeping on the floor. Our friends the Tyson's were there too and it was awesome to spend quality time together. Zac even taught me some new tricks with my camera!

Drew, Gabe and I painted this week, we also spent a lot of time outside in the sandbox. I'm very tired of cleaning the sand off the floors, but the fun and enjoyment of sand makes it all worth it. Daddy spent his week substituting and calling on teaching jobs. We're anxious to hear how about all the jobs he has applied and interviewed for. I'm praying so hard that he gets hired this year, even though we're just fine where we're at, I feel like our lives are on hold until John's teaching job shows up. I wish I didn't feel like that so much, contentment is a virtue that I've been working on. You'd think with all my practice I'd have mastered it by now!

In the interim, I spent some time cleaning out my coupons and clipping new ones. There is now an influx of coupons out there to print or clip, so it makes for lots of clipping and organizing. I did some shopping at Target this past week, they had some great de

als and I saved 67%! I also spent some time researching how to freeze green onions and fresh

basil. I trimmed the green onions and basil out of my garden last week and enjoyed freezing both items. It is wonderful not to buy those products! Plus now I tend to use them more since their in the freezer waiting for me!

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