Friday, May 29, 2009

First Trip To The Pool

Since our roof is being replaced and the banging was giving me a headache, we headed out for a few hours at the pool. Gabe was suppose to be my little dare devil but disappointed my hopes and spent 90% of his time flirting with the garbage can or the life guards. He wasn't at all interested in the pool and cried most of the time I was holding him in the pool. Drew had a blast and enjoyed "swimming" in the kids section with all the spraying water and sunlight.

Drew still won't put his face in the water and fights me every time I want to work on learning to swim. Good thing he has swimming lessons in a few weeks, maybe peer pressure will benefit him! I had such a bad mommy moment today, after trying to get Drew to jump to me in the water or practice his kicking, with no interest, I desperately wanted to shove my child's head under the water (he is so anal, making sure no water touches is nose or eyes) ... no worries, I controlled myself, got out of the pool and took tons of pictures of Gabe sine he was content to sit in the shade with all the natural light! Drew, played in the sun and as the morning wore on the lighting did too... so there aren't many pictures of Drew.

Here are a few of my favorites! More on the picture page!

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Megan said...

Melissa- great pics! I was laughing when I saw your post because I just posted "Fun at the Pool" which I thought about naming "First Trip to the Pool!" hehe

Hey- we should come swim with you and the boys!