Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Hair Cut

Our little man had his first haircut yesterday. When Drew was a baby I made a huge event out of his first haircut - we went to Cool Cuts. This time, as I'm taking more steps to being self sufficient and thrifty, and adding up the cost of two haircuts every 8 weeks, I decided to cut Gabe's hair myself. I bought a really nice pair of scissors from Sally's and tada - the makeover is complete. I am actually really pleased with myself, I can't believe I did it and made it look good. I have to thank the Internet for that - self teaching Youtube video's rock! I think Gabe looks younger .... and his face looks chunkier! Now instead of people questioning whether he is a boy or a girl, they can enjoy his bright blue eyes instead.

On a frugal note, I also learned how to hem pants this past week at Mom2Mom. I decided after finishing the first of two pairs, that I'll pay the 10.00 to have a professional do it. Hemming is a lot of work, especially if you don't have all the fancy equipment. There are some things I will gladly pay money for!

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Nutty Mom said...

I love your pictures, your boys are gorgeous! You make Texas look like some magical place! HaHa, I do know otherwise I live here too. Regardless, great pictures!