Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week Recap

Well this past week was a total failure - from a type A, perfectionists point of view! I hardly ever get sick, but this past Easter I came down with the flu - it lasted through Wednesdayy, then on Friday I woke with a horrible migraine and sinus infection. Drew and Gabe have been taking turns getting sick, I thought Drew was finally well but Drew came home from church with a high fever. Alas - we're all getting it out of our system before our big camping trip this coming Friday - Sunday!
Gabe spent the week wishing he wasn't home with sick people. He is at the awkward age where he doesn't really play well with others, but wants desperately to be included. His sweet disposition has altered a little and he is now, lets just say, turning those terrible 2's a little early. At 17 months Gabe has discovered his own opinion and normally it is the opposite of what you have just asked him to do. Gabe has mastered the art of placing himself on the time out mat (in the pantry) and can place himself there when he knows he just might get into some trouble. You may or may not noticed that I sat on the "mat" and that would be because if he wants to be especially naughty he will fling cat litter all over the laundry room floor - so he is now banished to the rug where hopefully he can't touch anything spillable. On a happier note, he is leaning to come when called (when he feels like it of course) and really enjoys playing outside all day long in the sandbox. His fat rolls are quite funny looking because the arms have tanned from all the time outside, but the folds of his skin haven't so he has nice fleshy white stripes down his already chubby arms.... very cute indeed! Can you see Gabe's attitude in the above picture? Yes, he will be our fun to discipline child!

Drew spent the week watching TV. He actually said today that he didn't want to watch anymore TV which is huge! He is never one to pass up a good Little Einstein's or Busy Town. Most days he watches 30 minutes or less of TV, so spending 3 days infront of the TV was a novelty! Drew also spent some time outside reading books and watching his Chrysalis' turn into butterflies! He managed 1 day of pre-school before getting sick, he cried all morning because he wasn't able to go see his friends at school.

John spent the week working various jobs for clients, substituting, and working at HD. He also took the test for the K-6 teaching exam (pray he passes!). John was blessed with an interview for a teaching position next year - the interview went really well, but we've been through this so many times not one is getting their hopes up. We're still trying to decide what to do about our hailed on car, so John went and looked at a few pre-owned vehicles too. He spent the rest of his time helping out on the home front so I could get some rest.

I spent the week mostly sleeping - at least that is what it felt like. I just couldn't overcome how tired I was last week. Even today I'm dragging and it is only 7:00 pm. I was really depressed mid-week and then realized Thursday at my mom's group that, aside from church on Sunday, I hadn't left the house in 7 days. That is enough to depress anyone! I think I'm back into my grove - I really missed the rhythm of family life. I never noticed how much I enjoy my little routine and inspired motivation to get things done. All last week I was drained and tired, to have some of that energy and motivation back feels so refreshing! While being sick I had more time than usual (really it was less excuses) to read and spend time in God's word. I was challenged by some re-occurring themes throughout the week and we've all gotten back into memorizing scripture. It has been a very unifying activity that even Drew is starting to enjoy. I hope this little challenge lasts a long time and we memorize a lot! I want to be able to speak words of life into my family - to speak those words I must first have the words in my mind and be meditating on them in my own life. That is my vision for this month, to memorize more scripture, practice walking in them, and speak them into my family. What things are you working on this month?

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