Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tombs & Traditions

This week we all got back in the swing of things. John spent some time working on some jobs for clients and helping me out with the boys. He also finished the model of Jesus' tomb! Then the boys and I went to the store and found some play mobile people who will act out the roles of Jesus, the guards, and Mary. Such fun! The actual traditions taken from Noel Piper's book Treasuring God in Our Traditions calls for a clay model, but John came up with some bigger ideas! So far Drew is fascinated with the tomb, mainly because its a great accessory when playing race cars!

Didn't John do a great job? I had no idea the project would be such a hit with all the boys! Gotta love traditions and teachable moments! We started telling Drew part of the Crucifixion story, he is starting to understand a little. Today while I was telling him the story of Jesus Drew responded, "Don't worry mommy, the tomb is empty, Jesus is Alive!" Such sweet words from my 4 year old. Drew loves the play mobile people we found, he thinks its especially neat that the soldiers have swords and real bow and arrow's that shoot across the room. Mommy's a little tired of keeping the small pieces away from our toddling, teething 1 year old!

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