Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jehovah Jireh - God Provides

After 6 1/2 years of struggling our way through the seemingly endless mounds of Student loans, credit cards, auto loans, medical loans, and that nice mortgage - we had finally reached the top of our mountain called consumer debt. John and I realized the day we married that our battle would be a long and uphill battle - freeing ourselves from the debt of slavery is never an easy process, but was necessary to learn faith and master obediance! I am so thrilled that we walked together on the journey and have finally overcome the first mountain of consumer debt! We have taken many classes through Crown Financial and listened intently to their radio broadcasts, as well as taken instruction from Dave Ramsey's program - Financial Peace University. God has more to say about how to handle money than any other topic in the bible - God has used people like Dave Ramsey, Larry Burkett, and Howard Dayton to teach Christian and Non Christians how to handle money wisely. God's plan for how we should spend His money is laid out in the Bible and is the only area God asks believers to test him in.

Through our journey of paying off debts, I discovered so much about myself - I actually enjoy the thrill of saving and the gratification of waiting and saving for something. I am actually more satisfied now that ever before and enjoy the blessing of giving more than receiving! I've seen in my husband's life - a more self controlled personality emerge. John is enjoying the things he currently owns and I rarely hear him say, "I want this". That it itself is a miracle - when we first married his want list was filled with the latest tool! John is so content I just love listening to his conversations now because they rarely include the words, "I want." John also discovered that he does have a frugal bone - he now loves to get things cheap and has learned to wait patiently on the Lord for his provision. I can't think of anything John has bought recently where he paid full price! Even Drew commonly asks, "Mom, do we have a coupon for that?"

So, my point to this post was to share the wonderful blessing that the Lord provided this past week. Our goals for Q1 2009 were to fully fund our 2008 ROTH IRA, increase our charitable giving by 2%, and save an additional 3 months worth of living expenses. We have been able to accomplish all three goals this first quarter of 2009 - then we had our mailbox run over, the big hail storm blew out the windows in our cars, and also required us to put on a new roof! Now, we do have insurance which paid for a decent amount of those repairs, but John also found out he needed yet another dental visit and more drilling done on his teeth. I was lamenting to the Lord last week in my quiet time that our large nest egg of savings was slowly dwindling. God patiently reminded me that he would provide for our needs - savings or not.

So the week to pay all of these expenses came around and guess what happened! First, John was at work and one of his friends asked if he could check out a family member's sink. They wanted a new sink installed in their dental office and was quoted 850.00. John knew he could install it way cheaper so he went over one day and installed the sink without any problems. Then, he headed over the his dentist to have the cavity filled. The receptionist commented that he must take great care of his teeth to carry around a toothbrush in his pocket! John commented that he had just come from another dentist's office because he was installing a sink. The receptionist's eyes lit up and she said that they also had a leaky faucet! Later after all his teeth work was complete the dentist commented that John had sold her husband a water heater a few weeks back and if he wanted to fix their leaky faucet in exchange for his dental work she would really be thrilled. So, john went back the next day and fixed their leak. This may sound like a simple thing, but John has never worked for a business before, only for homeowners. Now in 1 week he has worked for 2 dentists! I was smiling as he shared with me the story of how God had once again provided for our simplest of needs and we didn't have to dip into savings to pay for the dental work!

All day long God is gracious and lends,

His descendants are a blessing.

Psalm 37:26

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