Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gymboree Test

After reading this article I decided to try an see how cheap I could get Gymboree clothes using their gymbucks offer plus their 60% off discounts. I received an additional 20% off coupon in the May 2009 "Parents Magazine" edition which sealed my decision to give it a try. If your interested you can get 2 years of Parent's Magazine free here. So, with my free magazine and Free Gymboree article I sat down at the computer to find my deals. I spent exactly 100.00 on 17 items of Gymboree clothing through their online store and received 50.00 in gymbucks. The package arrived within a week and I'm so excited to see Drew wearing pants that actually fit him - Gymboree sells all their pants in slender sizes for those children who can't seem to gain any weight like mine - don't the jeans above look so cute on Drew!

I then went to Gymboree yesterday and spent my 50.00 in gymbucks. In total I spent 151.81 on 522.00 worth of clothes, I purchased 30 items and averagely saved 69.08%. As a whole I was very pleased, most of the items I purchased were items I probably wouldn't have found at the Goodwill - I've never found a pair of slender Gymboree pants at the Goodwill. I was able to buy matching items for the boys so they can look cool in pictures together, I also purchased some more dressy items which are harder to find at the Goodwill. There were a few filler items like underwear and sun glasses that I probably wouldn't have purchased but because I needed lower priced items I used them as fillers. Now that I've had time to look over the underwear and sunglasses I've very pleased! It is nice seeing Drew in cute underwear where the elastic waste doesn't fray or frizz! Overall I was very pleased, most of the clothes were for Drew since I've been having a harder time finding clothes for him and he has been wearing holes into most of his jeans. I think the only thing I'd change next time around is to only spend 75.00 and shop in the store. There were enough discounted clothes in the store to make it worth my time. Previously, I shopped online since I thought they would have a better selection of clearance clothes, but you have to spend 100.00 to get free shipping.

In the article mentioned above, the mother would sell her used clothes on Ebay, thus helping her get most of her children's clothes for free. That idea sparked my fancy so I may put a few sets of used baby clothes together and put them on craigslist and see what happens! I have boxes of 0-12 months that both boys wore at one point or another and their are so many outfits, another child couldn't possible wear them all!

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