Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camping 101

We had a wonderful time on our Spring camping trip this past weekend! We Williams' love traditions and camping has certainly become a tradition for our family. I did learn some valuable lessons unique to this camping season :

:: Watch where you sit - even awesome photographs aren't worth multiple ant bites on your bottom!

:: The van is a much better place for a 17 month old to sleep, tents are overrated!

:: Little boys with mud stained faces doesn't mean your a bad parent it actually means your a great parent. I don't think the boys faces were clean the whole 3 days - despite my best efforts, I probably went through a hundred wet wipes!

    :: Wagons do tip over when piled high with too many children and too much junk - especially when going diagonally up a steep hill. Sorry little boys, you handled the tip so well!

:: Always put on the rain fly - even a 20% chance of rain can turn into 100% - especially at 5:00 am.

:: Little boys with longer hair, who are camping, are often mistaken for girls. Note to self - give Gabe his first haircut.

:: Fiddle with the F stop and shutter speed on your camera - the pictures turn out way better when you feel like a real photographer - the auto setting is for beginners! Thanks Zac for my lesson!

:: Texas lakes are really mud pits just waiting for grown men to engage in a harsh mud flinging fight.

:: S'mores really aren't too bad - Drew especially liked his first and second and even asked for a third. Can you tell the boy doesn't get much sugar?

:: Couponing while camping is a lot more fun than clipping at home alone! Just watch for wind gusts, if your coupon lands in the fire no husband will fish them out, even if it was a buy 1 get 1 free for your favorite cereal!

:: Eggs fried in bacon grease are really good - I've never had them like that before, I would hate to see the fat content!

:: Drew "making butter" with his stick fresh out of the fire is really fun, but dangerous to those around him. Watch your back and your head!

    :: Camping is so relaxing, watching the boys run around with sticks and toys relaxes the soul. A little adventure, 5 boys under 4, and dirt = Extreme Fun!

    We had a blast and are already looking forward to making more memories and capturing more moments on camera in October - Dinosaur Valley here we came!


Megan said...

Melissa- it sounds like a lot of fun! I am happy you enjoyed it! I totally understand the dirt thing, both girls are having a blast the last few weeks playing in the mud and water in our yard. I can't keep Alexa out of my gardens, she like mulch a lot, too!

Carol said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe we can get in a trip to the property when you are here and the boys can play on the rope swing!