Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy

Sunday nigh John made it back home from Oregon! I think 10 days is the longest we've been apart. He had a wonderful time in Oregon, but was happy to get home and see us. I think he missed my cooking! Drew greeted him in the morning with a mighty big smile and hug and shouted, "Daddy, you came back!" Gabe grabbed onto him, gave him hugs and wouldn't let go of his death grip on John's white t-shirt. Gabe's reaction came with some squeals and lots of eye contact. It was so sweet!

I took some time off from work last week so I wouldn't be distracted by the phone. The boys and I planted tons of flowers (which were just crushed by a hail storm), we played at the park, spring cleaned the house, and then went up to Oklahoma to help my sister with some gardening. We weren't planning on a blizzard, but that is what happened. It was exciting and the boys were able to play in the snow (for about 10 minutes, then they were frozen and went inside). Late Saturday, Drew and I had this wild idea to slide down this 15 foot tube slide at the park near Julie's house, Drew refused to do it without me, so I had him sit in front and we flew down to the bottom. We both landed in a huge puddle of ice cold water! Kitty tried to go down the slide too, but chickened out at the last minute! We all went home frozen and dried our bums off. Drew thought it was the best thing we had done all day.

Monday night around 10:30 we heard hail hit our windows and to our surprise we watched the worst hail storm yet! It smashed out the front and rear windshield on both cars. John and I spent the day on the phone with the insurance company and calling around for estimates. We were able to get the glass repaired.... Thank you Lord for emergency savings which was just waiting around to be used! Here is a picture of the piece that went through the rear windshield on the Jetta.
(More pictures of our week posted on our picture page!)

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