Monday, March 9, 2009

Socks in the Shower?

I walked into the bathroom tonight and Drew anxiously noted, "Mommy, were Gabe's socks dirty? You put him in the bath with them on?" My mind must have been on something else while undressing the little man!

After baths I video taped Drew doing his "super jump" off the bed and recorded some great shots of Gabe "dancing" and trying to imitate his big brother. Gabe and Drew are loving time together! Yesterday I heard Drew calling from the playroom, "Gabe, where did you go, come back and play with me!" They get along so well together, Drew is Gabe's little protector and Gabe follows and copies everything Drew does. Its so much fun observing them together!
Tonight after dinner I finally had time to test out my new lens on the kids. I am love this new lens! It is a AF-S Nikor 70-300MM 4.5-5.6G. It zooms so close and captures the brightest colors. I'm so hooked! My boys have nice blue eyes, perfect for a lens that captures clarity. I didn't realize how attractive it was to photograph eyes until I grabbed onto this lens. I really need to take a class or 10 somewhere down the line, but for now I'm so content to snap away at the boys!

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