Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Sensitive One

Drew is my sensitive child, as I type he is playing at my feet afraid of all the lightning and thunder outside. He just came over and said, "Mommy I'm afraid, will you pray for me?" After our prayer he said, "Thanks, now I'm not afraid!" Such a blessing this child of empathy is to our family.
At preschool yesterday Drew's teacher commented that he is such a caring student. Evidently a child had to spend some time in their class today while his normal class went out to play (he had allergies and couldn't go out). The little boy cried and cried, the class wasn't sure what to make of this new student, but Drew in empathy, went up to him and gave him a hug. Drew told him not to cry and then asked him if they could read books together.

Some days its hard being a mom, especially raising little men to be like Jesus. Teaching Drew to love others, share and be generous like Jesus comes with a lot of persecution. We've met so many children that love to take advantage of Drew's meek temperment. A few children we can't play with anymore because all they do is push him and grab things from him - it doesn't help that he is so short! It makes me so sad to see this happen and my flesh wants to jump in and protect my little boy. I've noticed that he tends to drift towards playing with the girls, because they are often softer and gentler. All his friends at school are girls and aside from his friend Jonathan, I can't think of any other boys he plays with.
Yesterday's lesson was encouragement to my heart. Raising godly men isn't easy, matters of the heart never are. I so appreciated the teacher taking her time to share this sweet little story with me. It was God's way of spurring me on to further capture the heart of my boys.

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The Tyson Family said...

Does Ethan count as boy he can play with???