Monday, March 23, 2009

Missing You

Tonight I spent the better part of the evening doing all the things I'm not especially fond of... I'm missing you! Even though your away, your chores still wait to be done. So, tonight I relented and managed the mound of dishes in the sink, cleaned out the dog's ginormous water bowl, emptied the recycling, folded laundry, and cleaned up the kitchen - all while thinking and appreciating you. I'm missing you!

I came home expecting you to be here, I wanted to share with you Drew's funny moment and Gabe's new dance. I am anxious to complete our Outliers book, and my thoughts aren't nearly as sane without you to filter them through. My prayers at night seem quiet and while I wait for sleep I subconsciously am waiting for you to close our day in prayer.

I am blessed knowing your coming home to us! I'm blessed that your caring and praying for us even 2,000 miles away, hiding out in a burrow of snow, laughing and thinking and journaling. What a husband, servant leader, father, life encourager you have become. Enjoy your gift of time alone with nature and the Father of Life. Enjoy your communion with the Lord, I'm sure its easier to hear and feel His ever-presence mid way up the mountain!

I find it ironic, metaphorically speaking, that we've climbed uphill together over so many mountains these 11 years, and now your completing this peak on your own. I picture you going before us, charting, journaling the way for our next William's adventure.

(One of our many adventures together back in 2003)

I can't wait for you to come home, my honey do list is getting really long... you'll love it! Also, the boys keep asking when you'll be here. When I told Drew we are visiting Oregon in July, he asked if we were going to see you too. I told him July was way too long to wait, Daddy would be home in 5 more days. Drew just stared at me perplexed!

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