Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gifts of All Kinds....

"What I am gradually discovering is that in the writing
I come in touch with the Spirit of God."

~ Nouwen ~

495. The taking back of today – a relaxed, unrushed trip to the park, a friendly chat with a stranger, compassion & conversation for a lonely soul who rang the doorbell waking my napping child, the reading of two books instead of skipping out with just 1, praying together throughout the day, the encouragement and laughter over seeing how high we can build our towers before they fall. For, I am choosing to take back my days, moment by moment! I am tired of the guilt that washes over me as I kiss my little ones to sleep – remembering the moments lost, the selfish plans, the me centered choices. For today at least, I chose to invest my seconds, minutes, hours into serving those around me. What a glorious day it was!

496. Quiet conversations between mother and son – talking about how he will climb mountains just like his daddy... “When I grow older” Drew kept repeating.

497. Time away for a refreshing few days, selfless friends who allowed me into their homes, best friend who shared her heart, long plane rides which allowed me to complete 2 books!

498. Finding “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer at the goodwill for 2.00! I’m thankful for the few moments each evening where I get to dissect, re-read, highlight, and ponder.

499. Joyful child who obeys without fuss.

500. A rare moment caught on camera.

500a. The peace that only a genuinely submissive heart can foster.

501. Hearing husband’s gentle voice through the phone, calling just to say “Hi, I’m safe!”

502. Spring – I love planting and it somehow spurs me on to de-clutter and donate! My cupboards and pantry are ready for Spring! We’ve been blessed to eat out of our pantry this month and not spend a lot at the grocery store!

503. Final student loan payment - nothing can prepare you for the freedom that comes when you aren’t bound to debt! Thankfulness for a husband who was diligent and dedicated to paying everything off – it only took 6 years! Thank you Lord, you provided for our needs in so many creative ways, thank you for hearing our hearts and honoring our desire to be free from debt. It was only through your grace that we were allowed the opportunity!

504. Healthy, joyful, sometime cranky, boys who love each other. There is nothing like watching you both play together, share together, dream together (ok, not big dreams, but small ones like how are we going to get this train track together.) They have to start somewhere!

505. A beautiful day to serve the Lord – nothing like blessing others with Lilly’s. They can fill a room and lift a spirit like no other flower, they are most certainly my favorite. My garden is blessed with many varieties of Lilly’s!

506. A clean desk, a project complete, a respite away from work to enjoy my days and bless my children.

507. A simple piece of wood – creative minds that spend hours inventing its many uses, like a catwalk, a trampoline, bridge, ramp for racecars to fly down, path to the sand, racetrack, circus wire, the bridge to heaven .... The mind of little boys is so creative!

508. An unexpected check that allowed me to splurge and fill my garden with flowers and herbs!

509. Broken candle holder and the sweet smile that washed over Drew’s face when he asked, “Mommy, you mad at me?” Mad about a silly candle holder,,, not today!

510. Quiet walks with the dog, time to calm anxiety’s, quiet mind, and just listen.....

"One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works. They will tell of the power of your awesome works, and I will proclaim your great deeds."

~Ps. 145 ~

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