Sunday, March 22, 2009

16 Months

Here is the 16 month comparison of the boys. I think Gabe will start to look a lot different in pictures because I had Drew's hair cut short by 16 months. Gabe is still my little baby and I can't bare to have his adorable long blond hair cut. With Drew everything was a first and I couldn't wait for the next first. With Gabe I am trying to enjoy him being little - cherishing each moment because it could be his last. Last night he woke screaming about 4:30 and I was able to cuddle with him for about 5 minutes - cuddling with my little man hasn't happened for a lot time, so last night was quite the treat! Funny thing is, with a bigger brother to model after, Gabe desperately wants to be grown up. He watches and copies everything that his older brother does. For example, today while at the pond playing Drew wandered down to play on the rocks, of course Gabe insisted he too could follow. Gabe ended up all wet and muddy!

For being 16 months, Gabe still looks little, possible because he still only has 4 teeth and has short genes! Now that we've spent the past two weeks outside a lot, little Gabe's hair is turning blond. Gabe's personality is very dramatic. He is normally in good spirits and loves to have books read to him, play outside in the sandbox, and steal the ball from Kitty. He is so funny and loves to laugh and pretend jump. When Gabe gets angry or frustrated he has this horrible scream that drives me crazy! The drama comes into play when he wants something and can't have it. He has this pouty lower lip that makes you feel like you've broken his little heart. If he is really sad that you won't give in he will turn around and wobble off in a pouty manner, then he will look back to see if you are going to give in. He often comes back to get a hug and then the whole process starts over again!

We are working on obedience and not whining and signing "please" when he wants something. Gabe is getting much better, but near bed time is still ending up in the pantry a few times. He really is doing well knowing his boundaries - like not crossing the line on the sidewalks and not opening the kitchen drawers. He loves to play with blocks in the playroom and will even put about half of them away before his attention span runs out. Gabe is such a fun addition to our family, he makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes. He is always getting into thing and has learned he can get away with naughty things if mommy or daddy aren't looking! Gabe loves to run everywhere and watching his short, rolly, body run is hysterical!

Speaking of Daddy, I made it through the weekend without him! When Daddy is away this mommy played in her garden! The boys helped me weed and plant some annuals and dig out some bushes. We had a great weekend but are anxious for Daddy to come home!
Now that Spring has officially hit me, its time to de-clutter and use up my stockpiles! This means cleaning out cupboards and closets and donating all our non used items to charity - I'm glad John isn't here to distract me! I just finished cleaning out the shed today and also the kitchen pantry. I've only spent 130.00 on groceries this month and my pantry and freezer are significantly less full. I try twice a year to not purchase much at the store and eat up my stockpiles. Now that the freezer is cleaned out I'm going to spend the time and make an excel spreadsheet so I know what I need to use up. Drew even helped me today by finding some toys to donate to charity. I was so proud to see him give generously of his things! John will be really surprised when he gets home and looks at my bare shelves! My to-do list is slowly being checked off! So, I best get back to cleaning, now that the kids are asleep I can really start the de-cluttering process!

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