Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm taking a little sabbatical from blogging. The Lord perfectly worked out a busy February and a March fast to keep my mind focused on Himself. Over three sequential weekends I'll: attended a marriage conference, attended a mothering conference, and fly away on a personal retreat to Oregon to visit my best friend Bethany and read tons of great godly books. At first I was overwhelmed with being gone for so many weekends, but the Lord knew that I needed a retreat to process all the ideas swimming around in my head. I'm coming out of a "dry" time with the Lord. I have them about once a year and the Lord uses those times to reveal various sin or lifestyle changes that need to be made in my life. I'm so excited to be out of the dry spell and am excited again to be inspired by God's word and walking in faithfulness. Coming out of the desert and into the valley makes for a peaceful home, joy filled children, and a very happy husband!

It is interesting how the Lord speaks to each of us a little differently. For myself, the Lord plants seeds of truth and scripture and sends me to the desert. He then allows repeated messages through sermons, strangers, and scripture to water and bring to fruition the areas in my life that I need to grow. This year I'm learning a new level of faith and obedience - to release my godly plan and submit to whatever God has planned for our family. I haven't a clue where that will lead, but I am at such peace laying it all down before Him. I'm also been challenged to strengthen my heart attitude regarding work, stress, control, and joy. I so excited to be out of my desert and into a place where growth and peace seem more attainable.

I'm elated to spend the next two weeks just meditating on mothering, marriage, and mastery over my flesh! Please pray for me while I'm on my retreat, surrounded by dear friends, awesome music & sermons thanks to my IPOD, and great wisdom filled books!

Enjoy the pictures from our week at home with Titi and Tio!

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