Monday, February 23, 2009

Postage Increase

I just want you all to know that I figured out why postage keeps going up! Take a look at what the postal lady did to our mailbox today, the good news, she hand delivered our mail and will be for quite some time! John and I have been laughing all afternoon - its either laugh or cry!

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TandiD007 said...


Your boys are so darling! Fun & funny pictures :).

Hey I'm sorry about my slow response I just got your comment on my blog tonight. Somehow I missed it. Your e-mail did not go through, but I will call my Grandpa tomorrow and pass John's phone number to him.

I'm always so worried about him, he finds random people to do things for him and it does not work out.

As far as I know he still needs help. So if I find out something different I will let you know. Your e-mail did not make it to me, so thank you for leaving the comment. Sorry I did not notice it sooner.

Hope you guys have a happy Saturday, talk to you later.

Take care and be blessed!