Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mommy Time

Tonight I bowed my head and asked Drew to pray, he replied, "I will pray after I pick the boogers out of my nose."
Things this week are a little slow and a little messy. John had some dental work done today so he has been a little quiet and tired. I'm still working on a crazy mess at work with many conference calls each week. I've spent so much time on the phone the last 6 weeks that my neck is killing me and the batteries in all 3 portable phones now only last about 45 minutes each. John was so sweet to run to Costco today and pick me up a new set of mobiles because I was so frustrated with the battery life on the others.

I took the evening to just spend some time with the boys. I worked all day and didn't spend much time with them until dinner. It was hard to switch back to being a mom and just enjoy the kids, especially when everywhere I looked there was work - laundry to wash and put away, grout bits all over the bathroom to vacuum, toys to put away, books to put on the shelf, coupons to file, clutter to be put in its rightful spot, etc. Drew was my big helper, he cleaned up his entire room while I cleaned up Gabe's room and changed all the sheets on the beds. Gabe ran around naked and undid everything we were putting back. It was nice, we turned up the CD player and listened to a Hillsong Kids CD and cleaned for 20 minutes,then our reward was some much needed book time together. I missed being a mom today - picking up my boy from pre-school, making him snack, hearing about his day. Daddy was a good filler while I was occupied, but it really made me feel blessed to be able to have that with my boys most every day. Working from home has many challenges, but the rewards are being here for my kids every day. I am a lucky woman, especially since I have a husband who loves being home with the boys investing in their lives and teaching them along the way - even during random trips to Costco.

Did you enjoy the pictures of Gabe today - can you tell he had fun with Daddy and didn't miss me in the least?

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