Friday, February 13, 2009

Marriage 101

We're celebrating marriage this weekend - for 6 years in a row we have spent a weekend together improving, maturing, and celebrating our commitment made on January 11th. Divorce is NEVER an option, with that being said, its imperative that after the foundation of commitment and covenant is secure - energy is placed into cultivating the communion. As we were reminded tonight, most people who need to be here aren't, it is those who see that marriage is an investment that are here - learning, remembering, and seeking out godly wisdom.

A covenant marriage takes sacrifice, commitment, and humility. Marriage wasn't created to bring us all happiness, it was created to reveal our sin, flesh, selfishness, and greed and provide an environment where two sinners lay down their flesh and through the power of the holy spirit serve one another. It is within the community of humility, servant-hood, and forgiveness that we learn to see God's perfect character and bring glory to God through our marriage testimony. When man sees a healthy Christian marriage the Bible says that this union will bring God glory and testify to God's love and desire for mankind.

Lord, may this marriage reflect the power of God; and our unity be a light to a dark world, testifying to the Saviour who came to save this broken world from its sin.

So, I encourage you to seek out a Family Life Marriage conference, or local church marriage retreat - we invest tons of money and time into planning for retirement, why not spend the same amount investing in the one who will hopefully be there to share that retirement with.

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