Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun Times

We were home this week with Papa Tractor and Grandma Carol. The boys had fun with the constant attention and garage time. Drew enjoyed playing Bingo, going to Preschool, playing in the garage, reading books, asking everyone "Why," having Papa read him Winney The Pooh (Drew's first chapter book) and riding his scooter. Drew also enjoyed sliding on the walkway after our ice storm!

Gabe enjoyed reading books and following all the action around the house. He was sick for about 1/2 of their visit, but proved to his family that even thought he is sick, he can still eat! Gabe has been well for 4 days now, we're still waiting for some tests to come back. I'm praying he has a parasite, that would explain a lot, otherwise we're all at a loss as to why he keeps getting sick.

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