Sunday, February 8, 2009


Have you ever wondered if you struggle with issues of control? I have a wonderful test that you can perform the next time your at a carnival. Just send your son, husband, and new Nikon D-80 camera onto a Farris Wheel and see how you react!
Did you react to the total loss of control?

Did you glue your eyes onto your child, memorize the "cage" number their in, pray for the ride to be over, scream at your husband to make your child sit down - even though the only people who heard you were those directly in front of you? Did you check to see if your husband had the camera strap around his neck while snapping pictures of you from 75 feet in the air - he didn't by the way. Did you almost ask the attendent to stop the ride when you saw your son reach out and touch the metal brace at the top of the ride or when you saw the front of his head peeking over the back of the seat? Did you mentally image your new camera crashing to bits on the cement?

I would never do such things, obviously I don't struggle with control!

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