Monday, January 19, 2009

What Else?

So today has been a total disaster, at one point I started laughing at the irony of it all! It started this morning, Gabe woke with the flu. So far Gabe has vomited all over our new rug, couch, about 10 blankets, his crib, changing table, a few times in the bathtub, and on his mommy - we're only to 5:00 pm!

If that isn't enough, while I was speaking to my boss I heard a horrible thump and hysterical screams proceeded. I knew John was in with Drew so I wasn't worried. Then, John rushed in and informed me that we had an emergency and Drew might need stitches. I must be immune to physical injury because every time I should get freaked out, I don't really see the need to get excited. I calmly finished my call and went downstairs to take inventory. Drew still had two arms, two legs, a nose, and ten fingers and toes. He did have a newly acquired slit above his left eye that was gaping open and bleeding. I guess if your jumping head first off beds something is bound to happen eventually! Drew will have a nice shiner and 5 stitches to share with his class tomorrow! He was bound to have a 1st ER trip, I'm just thankful it wasn't for a broken bone!

Could this day get any worse?

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Sue said...

I'm sorry to hear of your day. I remember Ryan's first trip to the ER for stitches. He had gotten a chair and climbed to reach Daddy's piggy bank on a closet shelf. It fell and broke and in a panic the poor little guy tried to clean up the glass getting a substantial cut on his hand. It's all a part of childhood and parenting and we all get through it.