Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Week In Review

We spent the week at home! I finally took Gabe into the doctor because he has been sick, some of it is allergies and the other is probably that intestinal bug from October - he just has never returned to his old self. The doctor agreed that he did not look good, but couldn't find anything wrong with him - aside from a runny nose and a lot of nasal drip in his throat. She agreed that his the frequency of his diarrhea was also an issue. I hate antibiotics and try and not put the boys on it if at all possible, but I told her I was desperate to find some answers! So, we decided to put him on a 14 day antibiotic and hopefully kill whatever is in there that won't seem to let go of my old child. If that doesn't work then we'll have to run some fecal and blood tests. So far we're 4 days into the antibiotics and his diarrhea has turned into a solid stool and the frequency is back down to 2x a day - yes! He is sleeping much better and is chatting too. He seems to smile more and more with every passing day! I really am thankful that he is doing so well! That being said, we've been staying home. Gabe hasn't left the house all week and I'm hoping to give his body some time to heal from all his sicknesses!

Lets see..... we've been eating healthier! I've been experimenting with many of my meals and trying to make them with less fat and sugar. I made a really yummy banana bread with whole-wheat flour and applesauce. It was really good! I also baked us some chicken with a non-fat cream cheese sauce that was especially yummy too! Snack time has always been rough and a time known for unhealthy snacking, so I started putting fruit into ice cube trays with yogurt for dipping -- Drew loves it and so does mommy! I'm loving the fact that organic companies are throwing coupons around like crazy and putting their products on sale! Drew and I ran to Kroger today to pick up some free PowerAid Zero, toilet paper, and any other discounted items we might find. Turns out there were a ton of sale items not mentioned in their add - many of them organic products! In the end I left the store with 125.00 worth of groceries for 42.56 and that included a giant Enfamil formula can(on clearance for 10.48 and I had a 2.00 coupon). Drew is quite my shopper, he is so polite to people and loves to say "hi" to everyone. I saw a mom or three snicker as they heard him politely ask, "Mommy, do you have a coupon for this, I want to buy it!"

John spent the week ripping out the flooring in the 1/2 bath and the boys bathroom. The 1/2 bath is complete and I love the tile. It turned out really nice. John spent a lot of time on his knees, so I've been trying to be especially sweet, plus I know tile isn't his favorite remodeling project! Didn't he do a great job? Next he is on to the boys bathroom, which is proving to not be as easy! While ripping out the laminate on Monday, John discovered that the seal between the laminate and the toilet wasn't done well and the bath tub water had been slipping below the base of the toilet and molding - for 5 years! Needless to say the project is taking longer than expected. John is killing the mold and then sealing the floor, then he is installing a new floor onto of the old floor which he will again seal and attach the tile to. Lesson learned - if your husband is handy and a perfectionist -- make sure he goes over all the caulking in your new house!

On Friday Drew and I spent 1 1/2 hours building a new train track in his room! He has been playing with it ever since .... even in the middle of the night! We also jazzed up the playroom with a fun bulletin board and enjoyed some floor time with Gabe listening to a really great new CD I found by Elizabeth Mitchell (perfect for Kindergartners!). Elizabeth Mitchell sings children's songs, but has a voice like Nora Jones. Ssh, don't tell Drew but he is getting her CD "Catch The Moon" for his birthday!

Friday was also pizza night - we're loving Papa Murphy's thin-delight pizza's! Afterwords, Drew and I played Little Einstein BINGO which he really loved! Once the boys were off to bed and the dog was walked, John and I played a crazy game of canasta which by some freaky turn of events - I won! John was up on me by 3,000 points and only needed 30 points to win and somehow I came back and slaughtered him by a few thousand points? I learned... never give up, even when it looks hopeless!

I spent the week working and trying to get some huge projects completed at work. John substituted a few of the days as well. Other than that, I'm determined to spend more time reading & doing family things together and less time on the computer! I took Drew fishing this afternoon, but learned that I really should learn more about fishing if I'm going to teach him how. It was so windy the line wouldn't even land in the pond, also the dog kept running through the cold water and I'm sure, scared all the fish away.


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