Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Submission - Stillness of Heart

"God has designed beauty and pleasure to inhabit the simplest of things, but we have to be still in our heart to enjoy them. We have to submit and assent by faith to the reality of each day, however mundane, choosing to see with heart-eyes the reasons for thanksgiving and joy. Otherwise we miss the power of the spring season."
~ Sally Clarkson in Seasons of a Mothers Heart ~

483. Simple joy of listening to a child speak - so innocent yet wise.

484. Submission - the key lesson I learned while traveling through the Old Testament in 2008 was Faith and Obedience. All I need to master is great faith and simple obedience- God honors our meager attempts at submission because it blooms into a heart of usefulness for God.

::Submission/Respect for my husband, valuing his decisions and his choices, seeing that there are many ways to do things. Appreciating his uniqueness and finding the peace that comes when I submit to God's leadership through the vessel of my husband.

:: Submission/Respect for government leaders even though I don't agree with their policy's.
:: Submission to God through watching my speech and speaking words of affirmation, not words that tear down.

:: Submission to my children when it comes to spending quantity time investing and enjoying their simple day.

485. Stillness of heart - I love the quote above, it reminds me to enjoy my children and my wonderful life through the obediencee of laying aside self and creating an atmosphere of being still.

486. Driving home from another doctor visit with Gabe - white car pulls up and hand delivers a delightful Cinnamon Dulce Latte to a very frozen mommy! What a wonderful man I am blessed to share this life with!

487. The tapping of ice on the window, the storm that is unleashing ice onto frozen North Texas communities. A perfect evening to praise Jesus through song and sip hot tea.

488. Depression - a time when God remains faithful and reminds me to cling to the simple and mundane - not to pursue the busy and chaotic. Depressions are a blessing for me because they allow me to see Christ with different lenses, I normally come out with a fresh and calmer faith.

489. Simple smiles of a toddler - reveling in the joy of a simple box.

490. The love and playfulness of brothers, the life lessons I try to weave throughout their days about sharing, loving, self control, diligence... sibling love provides lots of teachable moments!

491. Faithful and passionate daddy who loves his boys and enjoys spending time teaching them life lessons - like how to ride a two-wheeler.

492. The lesson of "Hupo Menno" in James 1:4 which reminds me that the pressures of life produce endurance, as a Christian who finds so many people struggling with simple obedience, it spurs me on to mature and embrace the trials I've been given - possible even be thankful!

493. Faith - as I read today about a family that lost their jobs due to the economy, their reaction was to kill themselves and their children. I'm at a loss - if only they could have stepped back and seen the big picture. The picture that life is more than money or jobs or wealth or security in self - its about enjoying the imperfect life, with certainty that true perfection and peace is only a lifetime away. This life is a time to store away memories and intimacy with the One whom all life is about - the author and perfecter - Jesus Christ. Then, to share that Love and Intimacy in Christ with the world!

494. The month of January, it always reminds me of the time when I was in the hospital for many weeks, the desolation, the depression, and the pure joy when we were handed our healthy little man. I re-live a lot of those hard 3 months, to remind me that, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!"

495. Routine, silent evening walks with the dog - 1 mile of just listening....

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