Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

So it is late and I need to go spend time with my sweet husband, but I thought I'd post one quick "Not Me Monday" as not to forget this very special moment between mother and son, so here goes.
I did not give my almost 4 year old his first tampon 101 lesson! Yes, what kind of a mother would do such a thing to an innocent child? I most certainly didn't go to the bathroom and not lock the door, only to discover my 4 year old had not walked in, tipped his head down to look between my legs and was smiling at me while I was... ahem.... making a fast bathroom change.
After his initial shock and many "why" questions, he was thrilled to know that it didn't hurt and he wouldn't need to do such things because he has the blessing of being a boy. I'm sure he won't tell his friends in class about this tomorrow and his teachers won't ask how he knows so much... Before you laugh and think it won't happen, at the beginning of they year he informed his entire class that he had a penis and that all boys have them. He is also quick to correct any classmate, or adult for that matter, that its proper name is a penis and anyone who calls it by another name is wrong.
A Mother of 2 Boys

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Wayne said...

very funny not me monday I laughed alot while I read it