Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not take the dog out last night and spot a very nice sized Grillmate BBQ sitting along the curb waiting for bulk trash to pick it up. I did not push (and pull) that 100 pound BBQ the 1/4+ mile to my house, thumping and banging over every sidewalk crack! I did not pray that no cars or people would see me and call the police. I wasn't reading the Newspaper heading - "Crazy Woman Caught Walking BBQ Grill: Sent to Institution!" Graciously at 10:00 pm there weren't many people out! I'm not wishing I was in better shape as my arms sit here and throb from my unexpected workout! I did not surprise my husband with a new BBQ that is way better than the one we bought 6 years ago! I'm not totally excited about this fun bargain that only needs new nobs! Now if only I could get John to pick up that artificial tree on the other side of the block?

I did not go to Walgreen's and buy 50.00 worth of stuff for 3.08, driving in the ice might I add (who does that for bargains!):

6 Garnier Fructis Hair products
1 Electrasol Gelpack (20ct)
2 Reynolds Wrap Foil $0.99
1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal 10pk $1.99
2 Stayfree products
2 Motts Apple Juice

Last, I did not loose my walking shoes this past week for 5 days, spend hours looking for them and plotting out sales and coupons so I could go get another pair. I did not get ready to buy my new shoes, retrieve my coat out of the closet and, alas, spot my walking shoes hiding under a coat that had been dropped on the closet floor, ugh!

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pam said...

WOW - great find on the bbq!! I can just picture dragging it home.

Great purchase at Walgreen's. You gotta love that.