Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mommy Date

Today I took Drew on a Mommy Date. First we went to Cabella's and bought him a new fishing pole with a 1 year warranty - seeing as the his Christmas fishing pole broke on the first cast. We took some time and enjoyed watching the huge fish swim in the glass aquarium. We especially enjoyed the turtles! Then we headed out to Starbucks where Drew enjoyed a doughnut, we sat and just talked. He told me all his favorite things and a few times I tried to say it was time to go and he replied, "But, I want to talk about my day again!" He had so much fun cuddling with mommy and sharing his favorite things. Then we went home and said good-bye to daddy who was off to work. That afternoon we took Gabe, Kitty, Nana, and Great Nana to the pond for some fishing. I can't believe I forgot my camera! I even caught a fish and was able to show the boys. Drew wasn't as impressed as I thought, Gabe wanted to eat it - fortunately for the fish he weighed next to nothing and its a catch and release pond. As payment, the fish recieved a nice bite of bacon!

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