Friday, January 9, 2009


As I drove home from Drew's preschool today I started to drive over to my mom's, then I remember.... "Great Nana" isn't here. For 3 month's I've spent time getting to know a new Nana, one who doesn't act like I remember growing up, one who forgets what we did yesterday, but remembers 30 years ago. When she first arrived I committed to the Lord that I would serve her and love this new Nana, I would not get frustrated and I would cherish this time I'd been given. My Nana served me and cared for me when I was young and now it was my time to give back and to model to the boys what servant hood really looks like! Funny how serving the Lord will change your life and not necessarily those that are served!

I learned much these months, mostly that this new Nana may be different, but her smile and quiet spirit softens us. The old Nana was always busy and had a million things to do, this new Nana enjoyed reading and quiet chats on the couch. I grew to love this new Nana, so did the boys. In fact, Drew keeps asking why she isn't living across the block anymore. When we go over to the home they know as their Nana's it seems empty and quiet. I miss the smile when I'd surprise her with a Starbucks warm soy "Chai" and she'd exclaim, "I haven't had one of these before, thank you, I just love soy milk!" Even though I brought her one the week before, in her life everything can be new and a first time adventure. Oh, if I could encounter life like that, enjoying the moment and taking every day as unvisited territory.

I miss.... our trips to Cabella's where she couldn't believe such fun stores existed!

I miss.... her love for Quarter-Pounders with Cheese even though she didn't remember having one the week before. Oh, can't forget the mushroom burgers at Wendy's either, for some reason, she remembered those!

I miss... shopping at JCPennies and listening to her repeat how she only wears pants with elastic and not zippers!

I miss... seeing her in new shirts that she finally branched out and wore.

I miss... picking her up and having her spend the afternoon with us, baking and chatting about life.

I miss... that smile she greeted us with, especially when the boys arrived!

I miss... Gabe throwing himself out of my arms in the hope that she would hold him. Poor Nana was so small she had to sit to hold that 25 pound boy!

I miss... country music playing on the radio whenever I'd walk into my mom's house.

My Nana is missed... this new woman within, I have come to love. Just as much as the Nana I knew when I was little. She will always remain in my heart and I hope she comes back to Texas for another long stay. I think our busy life these last few months may make for a quiet transition back to her old life.

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Megan said...

This is very sweet!