Friday, January 2, 2009

Gone Bananas

I was at Kroger a few days ago and discovered an amazing sight - bags and bags of organic Banana's for .99 cents. All this time I thought those bags of banana's were just if you wanted to spend regular price for a few pounds of banana's. Then I realized they had special mark down stickers on them. I managed to get a few bags of apples and yellow peppers for .99 cents a bag too! I think I ended up with around 10 pounds of banana's for 4.00. I cut all of them up and froze them in ziploc bags so I won't waste any from spoiling. I've spent the past few days coming up with creative ways to use these little blessings, here are a few ideas we came up with:

  • Banana Bread

  • Frozen banana's cut into small chunks and freeze - we just discovered they make yummy snack items (they also taste way better? I think the natural oils of a banana come out when frozen? I personally think these taste like Popsicles, so do the kids who have been eating lots of banana's lately!
  • Sugar Free Jello pudding with frozen bananas - my new favorite treat!

  • Smoothies - we're eating protein shakes in the mornings and these are a welcome addition to the bland taste.

  • Add as a topping to non-fat frozen yogurt (can you tell we're dieting yet?)

  • Banana Fritters - John loves apple-fritters so this makes a slightly more healthy alternative.

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