Thursday, January 22, 2009

Drew's 4th Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated the birth of Drew with friends and family. It was such a special treat for Drew to have his "Papa tractor" and Grandma Carol come to his party. They came to visit us for a week, so we planned his party around their trip. I wrestled about what to do for his party, I hate planning parties and the thought of having tons of little children destroying my house wasn't very attractive. So, I settled for a "family and friend" party. We invited two of Drew's favorite friends, Johnathan & Riley, and then our "family". We were especially excited to have the boys "Texas" grandparents come - Mike and Sue. It had been a while since they experienced a 4 year old party but I think they had fun!

Drew's party was a success, we adults were able to visit and the kids had so much fun playing outside in the sandbox. Drew opened a nice array of gifts, his favorite was a cool fork lift for his sand box; it talks and moves! He also received a scooter from mommy and daddy and some really cook rocket Jammie's from the Tyson's (on a side note, he chose to wear his rocket Jammie's to pajama day at school!)

Drew's perfect party was topped off by Nicole's creative brilliance, which managed to top any images we had of what a "rocket cake" looked like. All Drew wanted for his birthday was a rocket cake and Nicole's imaginative flare & attention to detail created the most impressive and yummy rocket cake! Thank you!!!!

Another special "Thank You" to Shea - I forgot that he entertains children with his balloon art. The kids had so much fun with balloon swords and hats! The dog became his best friend when he brought out a bubble gun!

We topped the evening off with some BBQ, it was so much fun to sit and visit with everyone. Drew was so ecstatic to open his gifts and be the center of attention for a few hours.

Today Drew had a special party at Pre-school He is the first in his class to turn 4 so we made it extra special. Drew and I baked cup cakes and made special aqua frosting! He was able to be line leader and have the class sing to him. Drew has been beaming all day!

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