Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Momma Prays

My little man is turning 4, where in the world has all that precious time gone? I pray it has been invested wisely. I can think of many investments I've put into him the past 5 years (his womb time was quite the investment & sacrifice), all those vitamins and organic foods, my hospital stay and bed rest, natural childbirth, a wonderful marriage, extended family that love him, hours each day spent influencing his life, bible time, songs sung, catechism's memorized and lessons taught, discipline time, a few spankings here and there, hugs, kisses, tears wiped, books read, numbers memorized, ... all valuable and important investments into his life. My job is so great - raising a future husband, father, man who truly loves God, doesn't happen by chance, it happens through investments.

What I've been mulling over today as Drew's birthday fast approaches are the investments that I've made that are unseen - the prayers I've lifted up to my Father in the quietness of night on his behalf? I can invest all the time and resources I have into his little life, but without the touch of God it will never grow into fruition. I am the seed planter, God is the one who brings those seeds to life. God - the author and perfecter of life!

Though prayer is a part of my life, I have to confess that it isn't up to par, I know I can do better. My most diligent prayers for my boys are when their not behaving well or are sick. I choose often to waste time on the temporal and not focus on the eternal. So this coming year, I'm making it a goal to pray for my sons each and every day - on my knees before my Father. This little life I've been given on loan - temporarily lent from the Lord above. I would love to hear those precious words from my Father, "Well done good and faithful mother.." as He escorts me into the gates of heaven and into the arms of my children.

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TandiD007 said...

Howdy Melissa,

I love reading your blog and seeing what is going on with you guys from time to time. Shannon was over my place right before she went to Drew's birthday party. I am happy to hear all went great :)

Hey I was also wondering if John does handy work outside of the home. My Grandpa has some tile and wood flooring and he is looking for someone to lay it down for him. I thought maybe John, but I didn't know if he worked outside of the home.

Your home is absolutely beautiful. I'm amazed by all the awesome stuff you guys dream up.

Your boys are precious and I loved seeing Drew's first artwork, that put a smile on God's heart I am sure :)

Anyway just wanted to stop in say hello, keep the good blog rollin!!!

Have a happy Tuesay!

May God continue to bless you guys!