Sunday, January 11, 2009

6 Years!

Our 6th anniversary is here! I can't believe how quickly the time has passed, it also means we've been Texans for 6 years. This anniversary we wanted to stay frugal, as well as keep the calories low so it was a challenge coming up with fun yet romantic ideas. I wasn't expecting anything too exciting, but John proved that he too is getting into this frugal lifestyle and can be quite the romantic.

First, John woke me Sunday morning with a beautiful card and a eloquently written poem where he declared his love for me. I was so surprised and touched! I couldn't imagine anything better than my own poem, written by my own man! That night we were headed out for desert and while out stopped at Lowes and returned a ton of sprinkler heads from a job John did a few years ago. It ended up being a few hundred dollars worth of stuff, so I had a nice spending spree in the store. I ended up with a new rug for the living room! After, we went looking for a TCBY in hopes of having some 97% fat free frozen yogurt, but the address we had wasn't registering on the GPS, so we ended up at Braum's - not quite frozen yogurt, but we tried!

Then we went home and I surprised John with his New, cleaned BBQ (remember the one from last week and I pushed and pulled home 1/4 of a mile? Yes, that one)! It ends up being a Char-broil Commercial series grill. I even got it running while John was at work. I purchased new nobs at Lowe's and a nice cover. I was amazed at what some Armor-All and Windex would do! There was one rust stop on the front but a little heat resistant spray paint will do the trick. I'll post a picture of it all cleaned up shortly. The base is rusted out, but John is going to cut some thick plywood and I'll paint it black and we'll place it over the rusted base. It looks so nice, now all it needs are 4 new burners, the old ones work, but are a little clogged and since all I'm out is 20.00 for nobs, I think we can afford a few new burners! Aside from our Anniversary cruise in 2007, I had the best anniversary ever!

I just love my man!


The Tyson Family said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Sorry I am a day late. It was heavenly spending time with the family. Glad to hear it went great but not as great as our cruise! Hope to see you soon!

The Minter's said...

Happy Anniversary!!