Friday, December 5, 2008

Tradition Night

Today was wonderful, thanks to my very sweet husband! He took the boys the whole day while I worked, I caught up on some things and thus was able to spend the whole evening hour with my family. Drew desperately wanted Pizza tonight since it is Friday, but on Wednesday I was so tired we had our "pizza" night then. So, John told Drew if he vacuumed the whole living room and put away all his toys then he would be paid 5.00 and could buy pizza with it. Drew was so excited, he worked so hard and used daddy's small garage vacuum, I think I heard that thing on for at least 40 minutes. Drew proudly came upstairs and showed off his reward. So tonight I took him to buy his pizza. It was so sweet, he ordered and even put the money on the counter, I graciously added the $ for tax. Then we went over to Family Video and Drew picked out a movie. We spent the evening as a family eating Drew's pizza, watching Diego, and after.......

We turned on Christmas music and decorated the house. It was so fun and exciting to see Drew's face when I put the lights up in the library. Gabe was actually in good humor tonight and giggled and smiled. He is into waving and giving people high 5's. If John says "Daddy" he breaks into a giggle and lunges towards him. Gabe was very chatty tonight and he had us all laughing! Drew's favorite part of decorating was the nativity scene and the Christmas books! He fell asleep tonight listening to a children's Christmas CD. Drew is so excited about Jesus' birthday and is quick to remind that his birthday is right after Jesus'!

So, its been a very joy filled day - one I desperately needed. Our live tree will hopefully go up next weekend, assuming we can find one at a decent price!

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