Friday, December 5, 2008

Tooth #4

Poor little Gabe, he has been feeling icky for months! His top left tooth is coming through and it looks so painful. The gums are so swollen and black and blue. He doesn't want to eat anything yet is very hungry. I've given him some baby Advil which allowed him a nice sleep last night. However this morning he just follows us around crying, then when we pick him up he cries some more. He finally went down for a much needed nap a few minutes ago. I let him sleep in his favorite spot - our closet in the car seat. I just want my sweet little boy back - that one who always giggled and smiled at me. He has been gone for so long.

On a brighter note, Drew is learning to share with his brother and also learning patience. Last night he said he didn't want patience, he wanted it now. Oh the battle with the flesh, I hated to tell him that it only gets worse the older you get. Drew has been saying very funny things these days and using his imagination. He is into pretending - "Mommy, eat this cookie I made for you." Then he will go mix up some more batter and bring you more "pretend" cookies.

Well, my break is over, back to work I go!

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