Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute but All Too Real

Tonight Drew came to a very interesting epiphany while going to the bathroom. "Look, Jesus washes our sins white, just like toilet paper!"

I laughed hysterically when he said it, he didn't mean to be funny but was very proud that he was finally beginning to understand, not just regurgitate information back. I think he got it just right! We've been reading a Christmas book about Christ which details what the colors and shape of a candy cane can represent. The red on a candy cane represents the blood and the white is for Jesus washing our sins away. The shape of the candy cane is a J for JESUS! Drew loves this book and will have us read it at least 1-2 times each day.

Our season of Advent has not been without some hiccups! Tonight I was ready to surrender to the "family devotion spoiler!" I sat with Drew in the library while John rubbed my shoulders and we went through the various names of God that we've studied. While going through Gabe waddled in and started to grab Christmas ornaments off the tree. My sweet husbands loud voice yells, "Gabe no!" right in my ear which I think set off my bad attitude. Then Drew kept wiggling in my lap and accidentally kicked me, then the ornament we studied was taken by Gabe which threw Drew into a fit. It took a few minutes to recover then we all started again, learning about "Jesus - the light of the world." Again Gabe grabs for the tree then throws a temper tantrum when scolded, then the phone rings and I about loose it. Third times a charm, we all come back and begin again. Then Gabe decides to throw a fit just for fun, he ends up falling into a picture I badly positioned against the wall so John could hang. The picture falls on Gabe's head and he starts to cry. That is an honest look at our family Advent night. It ended with Gabe going to bed and John finishing the lesson with Drew alone. I retreated for some solitude to get a little better attitude. I'm praying tomorrow goes much better!

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