Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Next Time Use Green Frosting!

I forgot to post this very funny incident from a few weeks back. After Thanksgiving we made yummy Aunt Ethel's Christmas cookies. I was debating red or green frosting and decided on the "Christmas red!" Unfortunately, I picked wrong! I put so much of this bakers red die in the frosting and it still turned a bright pink. I was very disappointed but the cookies were still yummy! The following day Drew was in the bathroom and he ran out yelling, "Mommy my bottom is bleeding, my bottom is bleeding!" I ran into the bathroom and to my horror there was "blood" all over his toilet paper. A few hysterical seconds passed before I realized it was from the red food coloring! So, the moral of the story is "Next Time Use Green Frosting for the Christmas Cookies!"

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Megan said...

oh my :) This is funny!!

Same thing happens with purple pedialyte, but instead of coming out purple, it comes out BRIGHT neon green! Thankfully, we were at the dr with Alexa when this happened, the nurses were even suprised!