Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Gift List

We can do no great things, only small things with great love...’

~Mother Theresa

451. Quiet, peaceful, cool evenings listening to the crickets with my sweet husband.
452. Faith – I’d certainly not be the person I am today without great faith.
453. A wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, enjoying traditions and laughter from little ones running around in excitement.
454. My new long awaited camera, Nikon D80, which takes such clear, crisp pictures at the drop of a second!
455. Family time together, sharing about the person of Christ, inquisitive questions from a sweet natured three year old.
456. The close of my M2M group for a month, it was such a blessing to have older and wiser mom’s to talk and share with.
457. My husband – always faithful – always joyful and full of peace.
458. John’s faithful prayers as we ready for bed, he hasn’t missed a night in over a month. Now that is how to cherish his wife!
459. Blessing neighbors with baked gifts of love, smiles as they remember the same yummy candy from last year!
460. Laundry piles – fresh and warm, waiting for my hands to come fold.
461. Filing completed and desk cleared off for November end!
462. My company which enjoys blessing their employee’s at the end of each year.
463. Christmas lights, Drew’s excitement as we drive around looking at displays.
464. Kroger expiration deals – so appreciative that they marked down their organic soy yogurt, it will add a little variety to Gabe’s non-dairy meals.
465. Gabe’s love for tissue paper, all the Christmas bags with tissue paper are void of silver glitter paper which are strewn about the house.
466. Drew’s love for learning – sharing the Christmas books with him was so precious.
467. Advent – a new tradition that added much to our family centering around Christ this Christmas.
468. Drew’s love and passion for Jesus, Drew loves to talk about Jesus and his Catechism’s are starting to come out in conversations which was so encouraging today.
469. Sweet husband with Christmas Starbucks in hand – Soy gingersnap latte!
470. The look on Drew and Gabe’s face Christmas morning when we opened the homemade book detailing what Jesus received for his Birthday. Drew enjoyed the pictures and talking about water buffalo!
471. Nana taking Drew on a real 1 hour train ride, he was so excited. I wish I could have been there to see his smiling face!
472. Family together for Christmas – we missed those who weren’t able to come this year.
473. An American/Puerto Rican Christmas dinner with rice, beans, turkey, plantains, Puerto Rican pudding and Apple pie!
474. My husband downstairs doing laundry and dishes!
475. Completed end of year projects that have been looming overhead.
476. My father visiting from snowy Seattle – it was so much fun being together, especially with mom, Julie and Ruben in tow.
477. Park and pond trips!
478. Fishing in the pond Christmas afternoon!
479. Kind words shared together with family
480. Being saved by grace through faith.
481. Sword fighting competitions on Christmas day.
482. Matching pajama's for the boys from the Thomas family for Christmas - they have never had matching anything!

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