Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just a Mom?

This stay-at-home mommy of 2 was deeply encouraged by this article, I encourage you to link over, the excerpt below is just a mere reminder of what we "workers for Him" are called to do each day as we Shepherd our little flock of disciples. I for one didn't do well at shepherding my flock today, I was tired, irritated and longing for the bedtime silence! I pray tomorrow my heart will be much more purposeful and my minds attention focused more on my Shepherd.

"If I identify myself as the culture does, as a “stay at home Mom”, one who has no intellectual contribution, gross-national product contribution or status symbol contribution, I become just that: a woman who sees herself as one who has grunted and groaned out another human being and now stays behind her four walls, in self-imposed seclusion. Not much of a vision there---it actually sounds strangely psychotic.

If I deem myself as a woman employed by the Creator of everything ever created, as on work assignment in a sacred domain for the sculpting of souls that will exist forever and forever without end, I have a burning passion of purpose. And a paycheck that is said to be beyond what eye or ear can even comprehend!How does an engaged, vibrant, passionate woman forever vanquish the nagging, satanic lies that she is nothing
more than a stay at home Mom?"

Linked from Holy Experience

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