Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Innocence of a Child

"I tell you the truth,
anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God
like a little child will never enter it."
Mark 10:15

Tonight I met Jesus, it wasn't because I was in a church, or because I was worshiping, it was because of a child - my precious child gifted for a moment, in my heart for a lifetime.

Our little Drew, only 3+ years young showed me the meaning of Mark 10:15 tonight. More than the Eve service, it was our son's innocence that reminded me of the holy relationship I have with my Father. Drew's entire life has centered on Jesus, this God -- this Spirit living amongst us. Drew memorizes catechism's about Him, we share Bible lessons for life, we pray to Him often, we've created a home where Christ's love is modeled. Naturally, Drew is fascinated with Jesus, he is especially fond of the Christmas story, the nativity -- Emmanuel, "God with us" in human flesh.

Tonight as the nativity scene is acted out before us Drew's fascination exploded!

"Mommy, its Mary! Oh, and Joseph, and baby Jesus! Where are the angels? Ooooh, here they come...... Why aren't they flying? Where is the star of Be.. Beth...Bethlehem? Isn't in suppose to be a bright....bright morning star? Ooooh, there it is mommy, look the star! Look, shepherds! They have staffs and oh, where are the sheep? They need sheep, oh where is the donkey?" (Mommy informed him that they must have been left outside).

Drew's innocence was precious and so sweet to watch, but after singing a few songs Drew adamantly pulled my hand and insisted that he needed to go, "Why" I asked. Drew's response melted my heart. "We must go see Jesus, lets go mommy, go see Jesus, he is right there, there to see. I need to see Jesus." What does a mom say to that innocence? Yes, it seems so natural for Drew to want to meet this Jesus that we talk about in the morning and afternoon and night, when we get up and go to sleep and many hours in between. Feeble word's couldn't sway his mind that this story was real 2,000 years ago, and now it is real in our hearts. What was done once, can not be repeated -- only remembered.

Finally, the Lord's supper was taken and all Drew's frustrations were put to the test because he wasn't able to partake. We pray daily that he would make that most important choice to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savour. For today, all that we share are just words and truths poured into his moldable heart, but they are all still but words, someday when he is older those words may light his heart and he would come to understand the magnitude of such a gift! For today he sits dejected, asking, "why can't I have com...commUnon, why can't I see Jesus, he is right there!"

And so I met Jesus through the innocence of my son, the simple virtue that delights in meeting Jesus for the first time -- "Why don't I delight in meeting Jesus like that each day?"

Lord, purify my soul, make me like a little child - innocent, tender, shallow roots that long to meet You in person, to grow deeper, to grow more excited with each breath, with each closing of the day.

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