Friday, December 12, 2008

Frugal Friday

Well today was a frugal day - not intentionally frugal but I'll take those days whenever I can. It started with a trip to the "toy store" or Goodwill in our household. I spotted a dirty Graco high chair, it wasn't much to look at, it was filthy - to say the body had never been clean would have been an understatement. The cover was filthy too, but it had no rips and it was only priced at 6.00! I have been in need of a high chair, but I'm picky. I wanted it to have rollers and be adjustable. There hard to find on Craigslist for less that 40.00 and I gave up months ago because the few I called on were already taken. So, today was such a find! The high chair model was actually the one I looked at when Gabe was born and it was around 100.00 - though we had the funds set aside I just couldn't pay that much. Instead we used our portable chair which has been working just fine. Anyhow, with 1 hour of scrubbing and dis-infecting and a run through the washing machine it now proudly sits in our kitchen looking brand new! In fact my mom came over tonight and thought I broke down and bought one new! The perfect compliment. Gabe thoroughly enjoyed sitting up high for dinner and proudly ate the dropped leftovers from his lap - something the old chair wouldn't allow, they always fell right onto the floor and the dog would eat it.

Next I made weekly trip to Kroger for the staples and a few additional items. I left with over 100.00 worth of food for 41.00! They were marking down everything from ground beef to soy milk, oh and a killer find was .35 sour cream. I bough 4 and put them in the freezer. They cook up just fine, just make sure they are thawed and used for baking. I even found a fresh kit for making real salsa for 1.39. I actually bought it because it came with 4 Roma tomatoes, but now that I've looked it over I might just mix up a batch of fresh salsa for tomorrow?

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